road trip 66 iPhone app

  • This app has taken all of Route 66 data from all sources and consolidated it into one easy to use, map-based app … this app makes all other Route 66 books, guides, maps, etc. obsolete.

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Road Trip 66

ui/ux • identity • app design • marketing • social media


Create an easy-to-use mobile app to feature the highlights and original alignments of Route 66.

Route 66 is no longer a single road. Sadly, “progress” and interstates have re-routed it multiple times. “Road Trip 66″ shows you the various routes it once followed, with landmarks all along the way. Now, you can actually follow historic Route 66 turn-by-turn on via map routes. No more pesky maps to try and re-fold. Zoom in and see the various alignments (and where to turn when it deviates) and cool things along the way.  Perfect for Route 66 aficionados, road trippers and photographers who love to get in the car and explore!

When you tap on the “Wanna go” and “Seen it” buttons on the description page, you can save your favorite spots. Automagically, your pins turn to flags, on both the map and listing.

The Road Trip series of apps are a partnership between myself (database content and design elements) and Propaganda3 (iOS developers)