rare visions and roadside revelations marketing

  • Ludwig Design single-handedly took our popular series from a show without a consistent logo to a name brand for grassroots and outsider artists.  With this heightened awareness, Rare Visions’ success has increased both in ratings and national audience, and has lured other prospective funders.

    Angee SimmonsExecutive Producer, KCPT

The marketing materials:

Since the guys were always busy with the demands of a public broadcasting station, I enlisted my agency to promote the show. It began with the design of a companion book to the series as a project with the Kansas City Star. It beget the web site, dvd packaging, dvd graphics, trade show displays, pledge special graphics, etc. as well as an obsession on the designer’s part with collecting outsider and visionary art. (Plus, it gave me a good excuse to take road trips.)

A consistent brand identity was created for a Kansas City-based public television series, “Rare Visons and Roadside Revelations,” and applied to the 13 seasons of the show.

Rare Visions basically talked to three audiences when promoting the show — viewers, licensees, and funders. The calendar was among a variety of items (including corndog scented air fresheners) used to promote Rare Visions to the NETA – National Educational Telecommunications Association, a non-profit organization of public television licensees.

The show ran in 55% more markets in the last 5 years, as well as Indonesia.

DVD packaging and navigation screens were designed to keep the look of the initial book.