online presence

all levels (open elective)
kansas city art institute

3 credit hour studio course
6 contact hours per week

This course is designed to help artists of all disciplines establish a public online presence through a workshop studio. Students explore a variety of methods for self-promotion utilizing the latest online tools and venues to create a personal online presence. Each student’s outcome is tailored to that individual’s art practice. We also explore online tools for producing printed portfolios and promotional material.

key skills

  • identity
  • design systems
  • narrative
  • information architecture
  • interactive design
  • social media integration

course objectives

  • learn online best practices for file management, digital color, typography, image editing
  • produce and edit a portfolio of work suitable for online presentation
  • have an increased awareness of opportunities for online promotion
  • develop online promotional opportunities through online communities and social networking
  • secure a domain name and hosting package, email and portfolio site
  • create promotional materials, including business card and postcard to drive traffic to your website

student outcomes