detour art website

  • Detour Art takes us on a back-roads trip through the American countryside to drop in on some of our most natural artistic resources—the kind of people who create art for all kinds of reasons, but mostly just for themselves. It feels like a series of short (and delightful) encounters—with some fellow human beings who somehow discovered the secrets to becoming fully alive.

    Roger Manleyphotographer, curator, folklorist, and author of  Signs and Wonders, Self-Made Worlds.

I have a passion for self taught art. Detour Art was comprised of art from my collection and photographs taken while traveling around the country to meet artists and visit visionary environments.


The website:

Detour Art is a web-based reference library of over 3700 outsider and visionary artists, folk art environments and sites, as well as outsider art galleries, museums and collections. Its creation lead to the book of the same name. Then a traveling exhibit.