degree project

senior level course
kansas city art institute

3 credit hour studio course
6 contact hours per week

The senior degree project will focus on each student’s unique topic, in what will serve as the culmination of the graphic design undergraduate education. The degree project will be addressed both theoretically and practically, through extensive research, writing, visual experimentation, class discussion and personal insight. the goal of this course is to define, plan, develop and complete a professional-level design project. The goal of the project is to investigate how graphic design can affect [or change or influence or enhance or subvert or challenge] a thing [or place or experience] of personal interest to the student. This project should reflect the quality of the student’s design education and is considered instrumental to entering professional design practice.

key skills

  • audience research
  • identity
  • design systems
  • narrative
  • photography & image making
  • production
  • multi-platform design

course objectives

  • conduct self-initiated research on a design topic at an advanced level
  • apply research knowledge to the thoughtful creation of appropriate design artifacts
  • explain the process and findings of a chosen topic at an advanced level
  • hold a perspective on issues surrounding a chosen topic
  • make connections between visual communication and other subjects
  • structure a significant design exploration at an advanced level, including setting deadlines, document and exhibit the results of the exploration (online and at the senior show)