bad blood

  • Ludwig Design is creativity and calculation meeting in equal measure.  Visuals reliably support the text that accompanies them (and vice versa), all in service to the project’s overall mission.

    Randy MasonExecutive Producer, KCPT

“Bad Blood: The Border War that Triggered the Civil War”

Logo/title graphics, DVD cover design, map creation

It began with the design of a companion book to the series as a project with the Kansas City Star. It has beget the web site, dvd packaging, dvd graphics, trade show displays, pledge special graphics, etc. as well as an obsession on the designer’s part with collecting outsider and visionary art.

Additional credit:
Motion graphics: Kathy VanBlarcum
Producers: Pam Reichart and Angee Simmons (KCPT) and Ed Leydecker, Shane Seley and Rob Hodge (Wide Awake Films)
Wet-plate photography: Robert J. Szabo