applied comm theory

sophomore level course
kansas city art institute

3 credit hour studio course
6 contact hours per week

The course content will focus on meaning and representation in visual and verbal language to further clarify the visual communications process. Theories of communication, making meaning, semiotics, rhetoric and modes of appeal will be examined through lectures, readings, and discussions. A series of exercises will lead to practical implementation through conceptualization, visualization and graphic form development. Historic and current design artifacts will be researched and analyzed to expand an understanding of how messages are encoded by designers and decoded by the audiences of graphic design. Reading, writing, verbal and critical skills will be developed throughout the semester.

key skills

  • theory
  • rhetoric
  • information architecture
  • interactive design

course objectives

  • explain at a basic level the theories of semiotics, rhetoric, modes of appeal and communication theory and their relevance to graphic design
  • explain at a basic level the terminology associated with semiotics, rhetoric, modes of appeal and communication theory
  • demonstrate understanding of these theories through appropriate manipulation of text and image
  • articulate research and demonstrate critical analysis, in both visual and verbal formats
  • design a clearly organized website housing the above visual and written information

Create a useful & informative reference site that best displays what you learned and accomplished during this course. This is a detailed summary of all of your exercises and studies over the course of the semester and an opportunity to re-work any less-than-successful outcomes.

student examples