Bright shiny design objects 001

Bright shiny design objects 001
September 19, 2014 Kelly

(I used to do a tech/design news roundup at P3. I thought would revisit this notion and share with you the design news that has caught my attention this week. If you see something cool, share it with me…if I use it on a “design in the news” post, you can win something. Who knows what it will be?)


The new iPhone is coming. The new iPhone is coming.

So, do you really think that you can dismiss the new iPhones as something that won’t impact your life? Think again. With Apple jumping aboard the “bigger is better” bandwagon, UI/UX design is destined to change.

Are we over sans serif, yet?


I doubt it. (Although I see a lot of you experimenting with hand lettering.)

(plus this article mentions my this-week’s-type-addiction, that lovely, stackable Core Circus)

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Venacular typography

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.10.39 PM

You know how much I love vernacular type (if you don’t, you soon will.) In short, the sight of old neon or a hand painted sign that offers you an authentic sense of place, is what I seek out when on the road. Designer, James Victore, has a slightly different take on found type. Funny and scathing.

Check it out on Youtube


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