visual advocacy

senior level course
kansas city art institute

3 credit hour studio course
6 contact hours per week

Visual advocacy explores the range of ways we can empower others by initiating or co-authoring projects through direct engagement with the community. In the process we become socially and politically active as designers and artists. This class uses readings on theory, history and key players to inform its work with community activists in identifying and proposing solutions for the real problems their communities face.

key skills

  • research
  • identity
  • design systems
  • production
  • time management

course objectives

  • Describe at an advanced level what visual advocacy is, and apply it through your own work in this class.
  • Hold a perspective on design’s role in society, as well as your role as a designer/artist in society as well as the value and roles of the audience in visual communications projects.
  • Explain at a basic level graphic design’s role in the history of advocacy and communication of socio-political ideas.
  • Apply knowledge of authorship to the development of a self-initiated project.
  • Describe at a basic level what “sustainability” is and its relation to graphic design.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to making, speaking, reading, and writing about design issues at an advanced level.
  • Imagine, as visual communicators, how you can become an agent for positive change.

student outcomes